Having served the Mornington Peninsula for over four decades, it’s no surprise that we look after quite a diverse range of small local businesses.

Over the years, we’ve found that our tax, accounting and bookkeeping services are particularly suitable for: Manufacturing businesses, Building and associated trade businesses & Caravan parks and motels. And of course, if you’re a small local business in another sector, such as professional services, please also get in touch.


Whether you run a food, stainless steel, or other manufacturing business, you face some unique accounting challenges in the manufacturing industry.

For instance, inventory valuation and the cost of goods sold are key items for the balance sheet of your business.

Other types of businesses don’t have to spend so much time and effort on these items.

Our inside knowledge of accounting for manufacturing businesses in the local area over the past four decades can help us help you.



The building and construction industry has been a mainstay of our client base since 1977. To this day, we look after many Mornington Peninsula electricians, plumbers, and other building-industry-based tradies.

These range in size from sole traders to those managing teams. Each business in this sector faces some unique challenges – and mistakes can be costly.

Of particular interest to these groups are the complications involved with:

  • Taxation of partly completed projects
  • Joint ventures
  • All aspects of GST, land tax and the transfer of property

As a tradie, we can help you save the dollars wasted with avoidable mistakes in your tax and accounting; and we’ll also work to identify opportunities for growth.


Caravan parks

Over the years, we’ve acquired specialist knowledge of businesses involved in the hospitality industry, especially caravan parks and motels. While many of these businesses are in the Mornington Peninsula, some clients are located a little further afield in other coastal areas of Victoria and South Australia.

    As well as tax and accounting advice, we can help you:

  • Conduct a feasibility study on a new venture
  • Improve profits on an existing venture

We’ll aim to improve your bottom line while also keeping you
in control with regular reporting so that you know where you
stand, financially.

Caravan parks