Our mission is to help you grow your bottom line, not just calculate it.”

When Lew Robbins started his accounting firm in July 1977, he didn’t realise that decades later so many local businesses would rely upon it.

Having a team of long term staff working for Robbins & Co has contributed to the consistency that is the foundation of the firm.

This consistency is the bedrock of the firm.

Lew and his team have consistently focused on providing strategic business solutions that address many of the most pressing concerns of local business owners: tax, cash flow, paperwork, red tape, budgeting, and building wealth.

Partners in success

Behind every successful business is a business owner who is realistic enough to know that he or she can’t do everything; and who values a professional partnership.

We’re able to step in, work alongside you, provide strategic direction and help with the financial side of the business.

As well as providing more reliable data on which to base decisions, this frees your time up to focus on the parts of the business that you can influence.

We’ve seen many changes but retain the same values

The original office of Robbins & Co was located in the station master’s house here in Mornington (the house has long gone), we have had several moves and seen many changes in the accounting industry but even with these changes, we’ve retained the same values that we started working by in 1977.


Doing what we say when we say we’ll do it.


Taking responsibility for our own actions and helping our clients do the same.


Not just reporting on past financial performance but identifying strategic opportunities for clients to grow their businesses.

These values help us to grow the bottom line. Not just calculate it.

The Robbins & Co team

If you want to be seen as the go-to firm for taxation and accounting advice on the Mornington Peninsula, you need the region’s finest taxation and accounting players on the team.

We believe we’ve got them.